Created over millions of years, each slab is unique in colour, pattern and markings. A distinct fingerprint, truly nature’s masterpiece, one of a kind and no two countertops will ever look the same!

Natural stone is extremely durable and due to its longevity it will add timeless beauty to your space. Most people agree that nothing compares with the look of natural stone. It will add value to your home and a return on your investment. With care, maintenance and sealing, your natural stone countertops will last for many years! If you are looking for the WOW factor then look no further than natural stone!

​Natural stone has the ability to reflect light; as a result the same stone may appear different when viewed in many types of lighting and varying angles. Stone can also vary in colour or “motion” from one side of the slab to another depending on the concentration of minerals within the stone. Granite slabs are available in 2cm (3/4”) and 3cm (1 ¼”) approximate thickness.

Simply clean natural stone countertops regularly with mild soap and water. Wipe up any spills immediately; e.g. red wine, mustard, oils, tomato juice or sauces, other acidic foods, etc. Only use cleaners specifically formulated for use on natural stone. General purpose cleaners should not be used as they can damage the stone by dulling, etching, discolour or strip the protective sealer. These include products containing lemon, vinegar or any other acid or ammonia based cleaners. Do not cut directly on stone countertops, always use a cutting board. Never place hot pots directly on your counter tops as damage may occur due to thermal shock, use trivets or hot pads.

Natural stone is porous and should be sealed annually. Annual sealing will create an invisible protective barrier that will repel water and oil based food stains. The sealer will extend the life of stone surfaces and make it easy to clean. Granite sealers can be purchased in most hardware stores and the application process can be done by homeowners.

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Image: Fior Di Bosco – Ciot